There are three types of projects that the Commack-Kings Park Rotary Club takes part in.  The most active involvement is in the Club Projects.  These are planned, coordinated, implemented, overseen and funded at club level.  We decide what we do, where we do it and the level of impact we can achieve.  For projects that are a bit too big for our club to take on alone, we partner with the District (Rotary International District 7255).  These projects are often run by another club, or may even exist as a separate entity, because of the specific project's substantial size and mission.  Finally, there are projects too big for even a district to handle.  Major initiatives, like the eradication of Polio, are done on a Rotary International level, with partnership from all clubs, districts and zones...

Our Club Projects

The projects our local club currently runs or sponsors include:

Clean Drinking Water Project in the Philippines

Dictionary Project for Commack & Kings Park Elementary Schools

Healing Garden

End Hunger in Kings Park - Here's what that looks like:


Food Drives


Commack Interact


Kings Park Interact

District Projects

District-wide projects in which our club actively involves itself, whether through funding or volunteering, include:

Gift of Life

Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

Youth Exchange

Rotary International Projects

Our club actively involves itself in all Rotary International world-wide projects, but none with more vigor than Polio Plus.