Apr 30, 2019 12:15 PM
Mark Krieger
Beautiful Memories Gemach

Beautiful Memories Gemach is a charity clothing pantry located inside Young Israel of New Hyde Park, providing dress and business clothing to women, men and children in need at no cost. They also offer designer and other dress clothing at drastic discounts to those who can afford to purchase the clothing, but like to save and wish to support their charitable work. The gemach currently has over 700 gowns in excellent condition, including wedding, bridal party, mother of the bride or groom and more.  The gemach serves anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation or whether the need is short or long term. They are happy to be of service to families of individuals with special needs, who may find shopping for clothing in stores difficult.  All visitors to the gemach are treated like family and every consideration is given to their comfort and privacy. That’s why they are only open by appointment, so you can have their undivided attention, and no one else has to know that you were in need. Call Mark at 917-703-4694 for an appointment.

The Beautiful Memories Gemach is the largest of its kind in the United States.  It was founded by Mark Krieger and his wife, Dr. Beth Krieger in memory of their loved ones, with the hopes that it could help others to create beautiful memories of their own.  Mark is co-founder of Step Ahead Networking LLC and runs a speakers' bureau.  You can learn more about him at www.markkriegerbiz.com.