Aug 13, 2019 12:15 PM
Alexa Kamen
The Superkids Foundation is an international non-profit that teaches literacy, leadership and life skills​ in partnership with elementary schools. In a country ranked as one of the worst in quality of primary education, Superkids works to empower kids to become superheroes in their communities. Through a combination of workshops, camps, and community projects, older students become “kid-teacher” leaders by teaching literacy to younger students. 
We mobilize the children who DO know how to read and get them to teach the other children how to read. Superkids has launched the first incubator for child leadership in all of Paraguay. Kid Teachers has met tremendous success. So far, 60 Kid Teachers in a small town in Paraguay have taught more than 4000 hours of literacy to another 120 kids. 
The organization has an opportunity for college-aged students during the upcoming winter break, where interns will have the benefit of developing their international relations skills in a startup setting while improving their working fluency of Spanish.