May 28, 2019 12:15 PM
Rotarian Steve Azzato
Sports World

Steve Azzato is a fellow Rotarian out of Crawfordsville Indiana; he was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and then lived in East North Port NY for several years before relocating to Indiana. Steve was a former Professional Wrestler for over 23 years and was a 9 time world champion.  He is currently a Motivational Speaker with Sports World as well as the North East Regional Manager. 

Sports World sends professional athletes to share personal life experiences with students, helping them to recognize the consequences of their choices while challenging them with The Message of Hope. Our focus at Sports World is to help students see the value of making positive choices in their life. We are also here to come alongside teachers and administrators, reinforcing what they are already teaching. Our focus is not to create shame for making bad decisions, but to show students they can choose a better way.
As our tagline says... “You’re not born a Winner; You’re not born a Loser; You’re born a CHOOSER.”

Sports World is committed to and would bring our Message of Hope to the students through our Professional Athletes. As I was sharing with you earlier, we speak at schools throughout the United States and we are currently partnered with both Chicago Public Schools and Broward County Florida Public Schools. We speak to over 200,000 students each year all across the country. And in the past 40 years we have spoken to over 18 Million Students in school assemblies.

How it would work is that we would bring our Pro Speaker into the area for three consecutive days. We schedule the Pro Speaker to speak 3 to 4 times each day. We would schedule the Pro to speak at several schools in the area, so the size of the school wouldn’t be an issue for us and there is absolutely no cost to the school. Our desire when coming into a school district is to get our Pro Speakers to speak with students in assemblies beginning with 3rd graders thru High School Seniors.