Posted on Feb 06, 2021
We have set up a community sharing table in Kings Park.  The table will be open 24/7 for anyone in the community. Thank you to everyone that has donated so far. Today we dropped off a ton of food including fresh fruits and vegetables and bread. At this time we are taking non-expired food donations. Please check the expiration dates on the food before you bring them to the table.  It is located at the park on Main Street near the Kings Park Train Station. Share if you can spare, receive if you are in need. 
Items needed: Canned vegetables, beans, tuna, and chicken with a pull top (in case they do not have a can opener) Pasta and sauce Mac and Cheese Shelf Stable Milk Bread Oil Salt, pepper, and other spices Condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Salad and Salad dressings Cake mix and frosting (to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.) Baby Food and baby items Fresh eggs if anyone has chickens (those eggs do not need to be refrigerated) Cold Cereal Butter (if the weather is cold enough) Rice Dog and cat food.