Interact is an official program of Rotary International, in which students of high school age are encouraged to engage in Community Service activities similar to those done by Rotary Club members themselves. But while the Rotarians provide guidance to the the Interact Club members, these high school students decide on their own just what projects they wish to engage in, and where or who they wish to receive the benefits of their efforts. In this way, the Interact Club not only provides real, tangible service opportunities for students, but also teaches those students who partake invaluable skills in leadership and management. Some of the local projects undertaken by the Commack High School Interact Club include:
  • Commack Interact students went to Cambodia during the summer of 2015 where they worked with young women teaching swimming skills and self defense;
  • Food drives;
  • Coat drives;
  • Special Olympics; and
  • Halloween Dance for people with special needs.
They also hosted the 2017 Interact RISE Event.